What if I told you that fitness is actually the secret to getting more done, gaining a stronger body and core to stay in front of and keep up with your busy kids?  Gaining confidence, strength and energy is not as hard as you might think!

You’re a mom, just like me so let’s do this together.  No reason to go it alone!  Fit Mom Go provides all kinds of fun support through our Youtube Channel, challenges and membership program.

This is your chance to take on a Fit Mom Life using bite sized bits of fitness that are easy to manage while building the habit!  There are no judgements, but there are lots of goodies, hard work and lots of rewarding feelings that are going to be flying around.

Be prepared to laugh, sweat, feel really good about your body and new energetic mom life, sometimes, because let’s be real.  This mom thing is definitely not going to feel perfect every single minute of every single day.  We have ups, downs and all arounds.

Fit Mom Go is dedicated to providing real life fitness solutions so moms don’t have to feel like workouts are this huge big thing to fit into their lives. You will learn how to fit quick, effective, energizing workouts to help you get through your demanding day. When we commit to ourselves and put our health as a priority we can be in a better place physically and mentally to take care of this heavy duty job of raising our families!

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My fitness journey began in my early 20’s. Exercise and proactive healthy eating didn’t occur to me to be a necessity at that point. I didn’t know how to exercise. I was in the calories in/calories out- how many pounds can I lose this week type of boat. Jumping on the scale every chance I got just to see little to no change in the numbers.

My body composition and energy started to improve when I took a deeper look into this whole lifestyle thing.  I started regular workouts and went for runs with my sister (who was for all intensive purposes my coach at the time.) My curiosity directed me to learn more from the experts where I was introduced to this complex world of fitness AND nutrition.

Fast forward to my pregnancy which hit me like a ton of bricks!  I exercised and did personal training up until the week I gave birth, naturally, to my baby girl. My energy became a domino effect which helped me build stamina for taking care of myself along with my new baby.  Though there were weeks that weren’t filled with exercise and eating just right, I always found a way to remind myself of what that energetic feeling was like that I wanted so desperately so I could feel like myself again.

It’s time to put yourself first, prioritize your fitness and stay one step ahead.

Moms everywhere deserve to discover what it means individually to treat your body with respect, compassion and worth so that this renewed energy can shine in every area of life.

Meet your Trainer

Erin Kendall is an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer with 2 little toddlers at home. While juggling a household, two kids, three pets and maintaining a little sense of self she hopes to bring a ray of hope and sunshine to other busy moms through Fit Mom Go!

Fitness for Moms is more than a few minutes of “me time.” It’s a lifestyle that we pass onto our children and radiate in everything we do. Erin has been a personal trainer since 2009 and works with clients in person, online and leads a community of other Fit Moms!