Everything You Need to Know About Areola Restoration

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Areola restoration, also known as 3D nipple tattooing, is an advanced permanent makeup procedure that reconstructs the size and shape of your nipples. It can be performed after other breast reconstruction surgeries, such as mastectomies or breast reductions.

How Does Areola Restoration Work?

Areola restoration is a great option for people who have lost weight and stretched their areolas. It also works for women who have asymmetrical areolas or have had their breasts change shape due to pregnancy or breastfeeding.

A reputable surgeon, such as one from Laguna Med Spa areola restoration team, will use a skin graft (a surgical procedure that moves tissue from one body area to another) to create your new areola. The skin may be removed from the groin, inner thigh, or other body areas. Because skin from these areas tends to heal darker, this is the preferred method for areola reconstruction. After surgery, your doctor will use removable or dissolvable stitches to close the incision site. They may also apply a bandage or surgical dressing. Following the procedure, bruising and swelling will occur, but these will subside as the wound heals.

What is Areola Restoration?

Areola Restoration is a cosmetic tattooing technique that can restore the appearance of your nipple and areola. This is a life-changing procedure for breast cancer survivors and previvors to help them build their confidence back in their bodies.

The nipple and areola can be lost through mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery during cancer treatment, or they may become stretched out due to weight loss or pregnancy. This can cause a significant loss of self-esteem and affect your quality of life.

To rebuild the look of your breast mound, a plastic surgeon will reconstruct the nipple-areola complex by creating a new areola with a skin graft. Often, this will be darker than the other areola and is meant to match the rest of the nipple in shape, size, texture, projection, and color.

Areola Restoration Costs?

Areola Restoration is an affordable cosmetic procedure that can be done for both women and men. It can create realistic areolas and 3D nipples, which help people feel whole again after having to undergo a mastectomy or other medical procedures. It is also sometimes covered by insurance providers, so it’s best to check with them before you book an appointment.

Areola reconstruction can be accomplished using surgical techniques, tattooing, or micropigmentation. Grafting is usually preferred as it provides the most natural-looking results but requires an additional surgical site. Tattooing and micro pigmentation offer less-invasive options but may fade over time and require touch-ups.

During nipple reconstruction, your plastic surgeon will shape and re-create the areola to match the new position of your nipple mound on the chest wall. They will use a skin graft from another body area, such as your abdomen, buttocks, or inner thigh, to cover the breast and create a new areola.

Areola Restoration Aftercare

Areola repigmentation is a permanent paramedical treatment designed to return confidence in women and men who have undergone a mastectomy or other breast surgeries. This procedure uses cosmetic micropigmentation to recreate the appearance of a natural-looking areola, minimizing the look of scars and other irregularities.

During this process, the tattoo artist uses technique and an artistic eye to select a color that perfectly matches your skin tone and natural areola pigmentation. The color may appear darker initially but will soften and lighten during the healing process to create a flawlessly symmetrical, natural-looking areola.

Areola repigmentation is an easy and hassle-free procedure with minimal discomfort. However, following all post-treatment instructions ensures the tattoo heals properly and stays fresh.