Holster Shirts For Comfort and Concealment

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The fitting holster shirt can hide your gun and spare magazines, as well as keys, cash, and travel documents. It also helps to wear a darker color to conceal any printing from the firearm.

5.11 Tactical offers several holster shirts, including crew and V-neck sleeved shirts and a tank top for women. These form-fitting shirts with deep holster pockets are ambidextrous and have flat seams to reduce friction and chafing.

Choose the Right Size

Unlike traditional holsters that must be worn with pants, a holster shirt allows you to carry comfortably and discreetly. However, it’s essential to choose the right size for you. This will ensure that your gun fits securely in the holster and is not visible.

The holster shirts offered by Tru-Spec feature dual side pockets that can conceal a weapon and spare magazines, cell phones, or iPods. The inner lining of these pockets is padded to break up the outline of your handgun and make it less noticeable.

Choosing the right size is also essential because holster shirts are form-fitting and tight. If they are too close, it can make it difficult to clear your cover garment and draw your firearm quickly. Fortunately, these shirts offer a range of sizes, including big and tall so that everyone can enjoy the convenience of concealed carry.

Pick the Right Material

Regarding holster shirts for concealed carry, you must look at each piece of clothing with a different eye. Whereas before, you might have selected a shirt because it was cute, now you’ll need to focus on how the sweater will conceal your weapon.

A vital component of a concealable holster shirt is the fabric itself. The material should be thick enough to support the weight of your weapon without clinging to it. Typically, thicker materials are better for this because they’re less likely to show any printing from the gun.

In addition, the material should be breathable to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. A breathable shirt also helps reduce the chances of chafing or irritation from your firearm rubbing against your skin.

Pick the Right Style

The right shirt style is essential. It’s important to choose a concealed carry shirt that fits well with how you usually dress. Some shirts may be too casual for everyday wear, and others might be too formal to work in an office. The best way to find out if a shirt will work is to test it out in your everyday attire.

For example, a peplum or ruffle-hem top can be a good choice for EDC because it’s fitted through the upper body but flares out as it hits your waistline. This makes it difficult to see any printing of your gun and holster.

If you need something more casual, there are plenty of t-shirts with holster pockets available. These are compression t-shirts made from polyester and nylon with built-in pockets for carrying a handgun, spare magazines, or even an iPod. They are available in regular and tall sizes. Some also have ambidextrous pockets that can accommodate a left or right-handed pistol.

Pick the Right Color

Choosing colors wisely regarding concealed carry can make or break how well your firearm and holster hide. Brighter shades tend to show more of the darker outline of a gun and holster, while dark or neutral colors help mask these details.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of fabric you wear. Some materials, like silk, can generate static that can cause your blouse to cling to the lines of your firearm and holster. If this happens, quickly spraying some static guard or rubbing it down with dryer sheets can remedy the issue.

If deep concealment is your priority, a holster shirt is one of the best options on the market. These form-fitting shirts feature built-in pocket holsters that accommodate most standard pistol sizes and are designed to be worn over another shirt. They’re available in both men’s crew and V-neck shirts, as well as women’s tank tops. They also have flat seams and dual cushions to reduce friction and chafing. They’re ambidextrous so that right or left-handed shooters can wear them.