How Plumber Gas Lantern Repair Works

Most modern manual gas lanterns have a push button ignitor (like a gas grill) that emits a spark over the fuel to ignite it. Check this regularly to ensure it is working correctly.

It is essential to have only licensed professionals work on gas line installation and repair. This will help ensure your home is compliant with building codes.


Licensed plumbers will install the gas lantern on the exterior wall using the proper mounting hole template and hanger bolts. Then, the installer will reduce the gas line from the house to the lantern with 1/4’’ copper tubing. He will also ensure the gas lines are adequately sized to conform with building codes.

Lanterns require periodic cleaning and maintenance to work safely and efficiently. For example, a propane fixture’s burner air intake holes can become clogged with soot, affecting the flame shape and ignition. These apertures can be cleaned using a can of compressed air or a pipe cleaner.

The burner tip should be cleaned regularly to prevent sulfur buildup and distorted flames. After turning off the gas, the flame should cool, and a piece of floss can be run through the cooled slot in the burner stem. This will remove any debris that has settled in this pathway and allow the valve to be opened more fully to improve gas flow.

The gas valve should be set between 50-75% open to ensure the bottom of the flame touches the burner tip. Opening the valve too far can create an air pocket and cause frequent blowouts. The gas valve should be lubricated occasionally with a light grease. Many manufacturers offer maintenance kits containing the correct grease type and brand.


The mantle may be an issue if your gas lantern doesn’t produce a clean flame. This lamp component has a hole through which gas can enter the burner tube, resulting in an open flame and light. If the mantle becomes clogged, it won’t have enough oxygen to burn correctly and must be replaced.

Lanterns also require regular maintenance to keep them functioning correctly. For example, the tubes can become clogged with soot or bird droppings and should be cleaned periodically. Many manufacturers offer affordable cleaning kits designed for their brand and lantern model. Similarly, the pump should be lubricated occasionally to help it run smoothly and prevent the buildup of excessive friction.

If you’re considering adding gas lanterns to your home, consult a licensed Dallas plumber gas lantern repair for installation and service. Licensed plumbers have passed rigorous training and testing requirements, and they can ensure your gas lantern is safe and in good working condition. Also, if you already have a natural gas line for your house, your plumber can help you install the appropriate hardware. Also, to replace your electric lights with gas lanterns, contact your local natural gas provider for recommended installers.


The valve is the control that allows gas to pass to the burner and ignitor. It can be adjusted by turning the valve handle to move the needle into one of the positions. The valve should be set at between 50-75% open, with the bottom of the flame touching the tip of the burner. Opening it too much can create an air pocket that will cause frequent blowouts.

Some people may be tempted to adjust this themselves, but that should only be done by a licensed plumber. The valve can be easily damaged by over-tightening, which will require a replacement and could also be dangerous to the person doing it.

Another part of the lantern that needs regular maintenance is the bug screen. If this is obstructed, it won’t allow the fire to get enough oxygen and can eventually smother the flame. Checking and cleaning the screen regularly with air (your breath is powerful enough) can prevent this.

These parts must be working correctly to have a functioning gas lantern. They must be cleaned regularly to prevent tubes from clogging with bugs, leaves, or other debris that might dirty the flame. Regular machine oil applications to the pump of the lantern can help it last longer and function better.

Gas Line

The gas line runs from the house to the gas meter. It then continues to the post light through copper tubing or plastic tubing. Depending on the size of your property, you may have more than one gas line that connects to the post lights.

If your gas line is damaged, contact a plumber immediately to address the issue. Gas leaks are hazardous and can cause fires. Natural gas is flammable, so even the smallest amounts can cause an explosion in a confined space.

A gas leak can also be deadly if you inhale the fumes. If you have a strong odor of gas in your home, open the windows and exit the premises immediately. You should also turn off the gas line at the meter.

It is essential to hire a plumber with experience working on gas lines. Working with the flammable gas lines in your house is very dangerous and should only be done by professional plumbers. The plumbing company you hire should have the proper tools and training to complete the task safely and efficiently. In addition, the plumbing company should have a license to practice in your area.

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