LEGO Military Minifigures: An In-Depth Review

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LEGO is a Danish company that has been producing plastic building toys since 1949. Over the years, the brand has expanded to include a wide range of sets, themes, and accessories, including a line of military-themed sets and minifigures.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the LEGO Military Minifigures line, exploring their history, design, and popularity among collectors and enthusiasts.

History of LEGO Military Minifigures

The LEGO Group first introduced military-themed sets and minifigures in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These sets included tanks, planes, and ships, as well as minifigures dressed in military uniforms.

However, in the early 2000s, the company shifted away from military themes due to concerns about the glorification of war and violence.

It was not until 2010 that LEGO re-introduced military sets and minifigures, but with a new emphasis on conflict resolution and peacekeeping.

One of the notable sets that came with LEGO military minifigures is the 1998 series of Arctic theme where an Arctic Commando is included in the set.

This minifigure features a white and black color scheme with a helmet and backpack. The Arctic Commando also comes with a gun and binoculars to aid him in his mission.

The set itself includes a snowmobile, a sled, and an Arctic outpost that are designed to be part of a larger arctic mission.

Design of LEGO Military Minifigures

LEGO Military Minifigures are designed to be highly detailed and realistic, with features such as camouflage patterns, helmets, and weaponry.

The minifigures are approximately 1.5 inches tall and have movable arms and legs, as well as interchangeable heads, hands, and accessories.

Each minifigure is designed to fit within a specific military unit, such as infantry, navy, or air force, and comes with unique equipment and uniforms to match.

The design of the LEGO military minifigures is crucial in portraying the intended theme accurately. The attention to detail is evident in every minifigure, from the selection of colors used in their uniforms to the accessories included.

The minifigures’ helmets are specifically designed to look like those worn by real soldiers, with intricate details such as straps and buckles.

Similarly, the weapons are modeled after real-life military equipment, such as assault rifles, machine guns, and rocket launchers.

The minifigures’ accessories are also meticulously crafted, with each piece designed to serve a specific function.

For example, some minifigures come with backpacks or pouches to hold ammunition or medical supplies, while others come with binoculars or scopes for scouting ahead.

The attention to detail in the minifigures’ design is what sets LEGO apart from other building toy brands and is a significant factor in the popularity of the military-themed sets.

Popularity among Collectors and Enthusiasts

LEGO Military Minifigures have become increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts in recent years. The highly detailed and realistic design, as well as the historical significance of military units, make these minifigures highly sought-after by collectors.

Additionally, many military-themed LEGO sets are designed for adult collectors rather than children, adding to the appeal for enthusiasts.

The LEGO Group has also released limited edition sets and minifigures to commemorate historical military events such as the World War II D-Day landings.

These sets have become popular collectibles due to their accuracy and attention to detail in representing the military equipment and soldiers of the time.

The popularity of the LEGO military minifigures has also led to the development of custom minifigure creators. These creators use LEGO-compatible parts

to create custom minifigures with unique designs not available from the official LEGO company. These custom minifigures are often based on real-life military figures, such as special forces soldiers, and have become increasingly popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

In addition to the popularity of the military-themed sets and minifigures themselves, there is also a growing community of LEGO military enthusiasts who create custom military dioramas and displays using the LEGO bricks and minifigures.

These displays range from small vignettes to large-scale recreations of historical battles and events, and showcase the creativity and skill of the LEGO community.

Controversy Surrounding LEGO Military Minifigures

Despite the popularity of LEGO Military Minifigures, there has been controversy surrounding their design and marketing.

Some critics argue that the glorification of military themes and violence is inappropriate for a children’s toy, while others argue that the emphasis on conflict resolution and peacekeeping is a positive message for children.

Additionally, there have been concerns about the accuracy and sensitivity of some of the designs, particularly those based on real-life military conflicts.

The LEGO Group has responded to these concerns by emphasizing the educational and historical value of the military-themed sets and minifigures.

The company has stated that these sets provide a way for children and adults to learn about history and the role of the military in protecting our country and promoting peace.


LEGO Military Minifigures are a popular and highly detailed line of minifigures designed for military-themed sets. While there has been controversy surrounding their design and marketing, these minifigures remain popular among collectors and enthusiasts.

With a focus on conflict resolution and peacekeeping, the LEGO Group has sought to balance the historical significance of military units with a positive message for children.

Whether you are a collector, enthusiast, or casual LEGO fan, the LEGO Military Minifigures line offers a unique and detailed look into the world of military-themed LEGO sets.

The highly detailed and realistic designs of the minifigures, combined with the creativity and skill of the LEGO community, make this line a must-have for any LEGO collector or enthusiast.