Revitalize Your Pool With a Vinyl Liner Replacement – A Complete Guide

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Whether you want to revive your pool with a new liner or need a liner replacement, it is important to follow the proper steps. This guide will help you through the process.

Never drain your pool completely or refill it too quickly (this will cause wrinkles in the liner). Also, make sure that non-pool toys are not left in the pool.

How to Choose a Liner

There are several factors to consider when choosing a liner for your pool. First, you will need to decide on the color of the liner. Darker shades of blue are popular because they offer a water-like appearance and help to keep the pool warmer. However, they also show more prominently dirt, debris, and stains than light-colored liners.

Another choice you will need to make is whether or not you want a tile pattern. Tile is a design that borders the top of your liner and can enhance or detract from your pool’s aesthetic. If you opt for a tile pattern, matching the look with your patio and other natural surroundings in your yard is best.

Finally, you will need to choose the liner thickness. This is commonly referred to as the “gauge,” and it’s important to remember that this measurement doesn’t refer to how thick the liner is but rather how much pressure it can hold.

Liner Installation

Inspecting the pool for any issues that need to be addressed in a DND – vinyl liner replacement is a good idea. This is the time to fix plumbing, structural, rust, and coping issues before you install the new liner.

It’s also a great opportunity to check for wrinkles in the old liner that will be brought out by the pressure of the water once it is filled. Wrinkles can be tucked in or duct taped so they don’t appear in the new liner.

If you still need to do so, double check all the measurements provided to the liner manufacturer is a good idea. You are measuring a three-dimensional bowl; if even a single measurement is off, you will end up with a liner that does not fit. Pay particular attention to the corners of your pool. They are the first place that will form large wrinkles if the liner isn’t oriented correctly.

Liner Maintenance

Unlike concrete pools, vinyl liners can easily change as trends or tastes evolve. While liners will fade over time, proper care can extend their life and appearance.

Regularly vacuum your pool with a vacuum designed for use on a liner. Using a cleaner meant for other surfaces, such as concrete, can damage the vinyl.

Avoid exposing the liner to direct sunlight, especially when it’s hot or warm. Sunlight will cause the liner to fade and can weaken or puncture it. Consider using a cover during the fall or early spring to keep the liner in good condition.

If you leak the liner, special patching glues from your dealer will allow you to repair the hole underwater without draining the water. Leaking can be a major problem leading to expensive damage to other parts of the pool. It’s also a good idea to check for signs of leaking at least once weekly by looking around for soft, squishy spots in the vinyl.

Liner Replacement

When the time comes for liner replacement, you can hire a professional or do it yourself. Taking on this type of project yourself is very doable. However, some key issues should be addressed before doing it yourself.

Before removing your old liner, ensure accurate measurements and a template for the new liner to follow. The liner manufacturer will need precise measurement information to produce your new liner.

After draining and scrubbing down the interior of your pool, be sure to replace returns, skimmers, main drains, and light gaskets. You may want to mark the faceplates for each fitting with two screws backed out so that you can easily identify where the screw holes go when putting them back in.

Once you put the new liner in place, vacuum it to remove all air between it and the pool shell. Ensure that it is straight and centered evenly over the pool. Flat areas like both sides of the slopes and the shallow end floor must be wrinkle-free. Wrinkles will become much harder to remove as the pool fills up.