The Benefits of Independent Living Communities

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Whether discussing a book over coffee or playing cards, the opportunity to socialize with friends is one of the best reasons to choose independent living.

Say goodbye to household chores like cleaning toilets and mowing the lawn. Residents pay a set monthly cost that covers various onsite services and amenities.


Independent living communities offer a built-in social circle of peers and opportunities to pursue pre-retirement passions. They are also home to various daily activities that keep seniors connected to other people, which many scientific studies have found is vital for human health.

Depending on the community, this can include live entertainment, games, activities, or nearby attractions excursions. Some may even offer a hair salon and barbershop.

If you plan on moving your loved one into an independent living community, make sure they know what amenities will be available so they can plan accordingly.

Health and Wellness

In independent living Wichita Kansas, residents enjoy the freedom from maintaining a home and focus more on enjoying their life. The community takes care of everyday household duties, such as cleaning and cooking, while onsite amenities like fitness centers and beauty salons keep residents looking and feeling their best.

Additionally, some independent living communities offer a variety of educational classes and cultural events. This can be an excellent way for seniors to learn new skills and stay engaged while giving family caregivers time to rest or run errands.

Caring for a senior family member is a time-consuming responsibility that can lead to stress and burnout. When considering independent living for yourself or your loved one, closely examine the monthly social activity calendar.


Having reliable transportation options can help seniors stay active and engaged in their communities without the frustration of being unable to get out and about. It’s essential for older adults who live alone, as isolation can lead to more severe health complications and depression.

Independent living communities typically provide transportation services that can be included with a community rental fee. This can make it easy to go to doctor’s appointments, shop for groceries, or socialize with friends. It’s also great for short-term stays like seasonal visits or vacations.


When looking for a retirement community, be sure to find one that offers convenience. Look for amenities like a restaurant, cafe, or snack bar and scheduled transportation services to make it easier to go shopping or attend events. Many communities also have laundry and housekeeping services, beauty salons, exercise classes, woodworking studios, game rooms, and more.

Independent living communities offer a variety of apartment styles and floor plans to fit every lifestyle. Typically, you’ll find a mix of freestanding apartments and cottages on large campuses with common spaces for social activities and programming. Residents are encouraged to get involved and meet neighbors in a warm, personable environment that feels more like home than a facility. And as a resident’s health needs change, they can move to a different level of care within the same community.


Many independent living communities are gated, meaning only residents and authorized guests can enter. Some are outfitted with 24/7 security and offer personal emergency call devices in each residence.

For older adults who worry about the safety of their loved ones living alone, independent living may be a perfect solution. It removes the burden of home maintenance and gives families peace of mind that their parents are safe and cared for.

It also eliminates the need to manage multiple bills, as one monthly fee covers the community’s services. This makes budgeting more accessible and can make the transition to independence smoother. Depending on the community, amenities like communal dining options and fitness centers can also provide more socialization opportunities.