What is the Toy Poodle Price in India

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The price of a Toy Poodle in India can vary depending on various factors such as the breeder, location, and the quality of the dog. Toy Poodles are a popular breed known for their intelligence, agility, and adorable appearance.

While the average price range for a Toy Poodle in India can range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000, it is important to consider the overall health, pedigree, and reputation of the breeder before making a purchase.

Factors that influence prices

When it comes to buying a Toy Poodle in India, it’s important to understand the factors that can influence their prices. One of the major factors is the breeder.

Reputable breeders who have invested time and effort in producing healthy and well-socialized puppies will often charge a higher price. Additionally, the location of the breeder can also affect the price, as costs can vary depending on different regions in India.

Another factor that influences the price is the quality of the dog. Show-quality Toy Poodles with desirable characteristics such as perfect conformation and pedigree lineage can command a higher price. On the other hand, Toy Poodles that are intended solely for companionship may have a lower price range.

It is crucial for potential buyers to thoroughly research and educate themselves about these factors in order to make an informed decision and ensure they are getting a healthy and well-bred Toy Poodle that aligns with their expectations.

The average price range

Now that we have discussed the factors that influence the prices of Toy Poodles in India, let’s take a closer look at the average price range you can expect.

It’s important to note that these prices are general estimates and can vary depending on various factors, such as the location and reputation of the breeder, as well as the quality of the dog.

On average, the price range for Toy Poodles in India can vary from ₹20,000 to ₹60,000. However, this range is not fixed, and you may come across Toy Poodles priced higher or lower than this average.

Show-quality Toy Poodles with excellent bloodlines and desirable characteristics may be priced towards the higher end of this range, while those intended solely as companions may fetch a slightly lower price.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that price should not be the sole determining factor when choosing a Toy Poodle. The health, temperament, and overall quality of the dog should be the primary considerations.

Differentiating factors that may affect the price

When it comes to purchasing a Toy Poodle, there are several differentiating factors that may affect the price. These factors include the color of the dog’s coat, the gender, and the size of the Toy Poodle.

Coat color is one of the most significant influences on price. Toy Poodles with rare or unique coat colors, such as parti-color or phantom, tend to be priced higher due to their rarity and demand.

On the other hand, Toy Poodles with more common coat colors, such as black or white, may be priced towards the lower end of the spectrum.

Gender can also play a role in pricing. Female Toy Poodles are generally priced higher than males, as they are often preferred for breeding purposes. However, this can vary depending on the breeder and demand in the market.

Additionally, the size of the Toy Poodle can impact the price. Toy Poodles that are smaller in size, usually weighing less than six pounds, may be priced higher as they are often considered more desirable.

It’s important to understand that these differentiating factors may vary from breeder to breeder and should not be the sole basis of your decision. Consider the dog’s overall health and temperament when making your choice.

Finding a reputable breeder

Finding a reputable breeder for your Toy Poodle is crucial to ensure you are getting a healthy and well-raised puppy. Here are some tips to help you find the right breeder:

1. Do your research:

Start by researching reputable Toy Poodle breeders in your area. Look for breeders who have a good reputation and years of experience breeding Toy Poodles. A quick online search and checking breed-specific websites or forums can help you find reliable breeders.

2. Visit the breeder:

Once you have identified potential breeders, arrange a visit to their facilities. This will allow you to see firsthand how the puppies are being raised and the conditions they are kept in. A responsible breeder will have clean and well-maintained spaces for their dogs.

3. Ask for health clearances:

Toy Poodles can be prone to certain health issues, so it’s important to inquire about health clearances for the parents of the puppies. These clearances ensure that the parents have been screened for genetic diseases and are healthy.

4. Meet the parents:

If possible, ask to meet the puppy’s parents. This will give you an idea of the temperament and size of the adult Toy Poodle. Responsible breeders will have well-cared-for parents with good temperaments.

Remember, finding a reputable breeder may take time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end when you bring home a healthy and happy Toy Poodle.

Additional costs to consider when owning a toy poodle in India

While the initial purchase price of a Toy Poodle is an important consideration, it’s equally crucial to be aware of the additional costs associated with owning this breed in India. Here are some expenses to keep in mind:

1. Vaccinations and veterinary care:

Regular vaccinations, deworming, and annual check-ups are necessary to keep your Toy Poodle healthy. These costs can add up over time, so budget accordingly.

2. Food and grooming:

Toy Poodles have specific dietary needs, and you will need to invest in high-quality food to meet their nutritional requirements. Additionally, regular grooming sessions, including haircuts and nail trims, are essential to maintaining their coat. Factor in these expenses when planning your budget.

3. Training and socialization:

Toy Poodles are intelligent and require mental stimulation. Investing in puppy training classes or professional obedience training can help shape your Toy Poodle into a well-behaved and balanced companion. Consider these costs when preparing for your new pet.

4. Toys and accessories:

Like any other dog, Toy Poodles need toys and accessories for exercise and entertainment. From chew toys to leashes and beds, these items will be necessary for their physical and mental well-being.

By taking these additional costs into account, you can ensure that you are fully prepared to provide a loving and fulfilling life for your Toy Poodle in India.


After considering all the expenses associated with owning a Toy Poodle in India, it’s evident that the initial purchase price is just the beginning. Vaccinations, veterinary care, food, grooming, training, and toys are all essential investments that should be factored into your budget.

While the cost of owning a Toy Poodle in India may seem high, it’s important to remember that these expenses are necessary to ensure your pet’s health, well-being, and happiness. By being fully prepared and budgeting accordingly, you can provide a loving and fulfilling life for your Toy Poodle.

Ultimately, the price of a Toy Poodle in India is not just monetary, but also a commitment of time, effort, and resources. If you are ready to embark on this journey, the joy and companionship a Toy Poodle will bring to your life will undoubtedly be priceless.