What to Look For When Buying A Trail Bike?

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If you are on a hunt to rock the unpaved roads and terrains, the most ideal option would be to buy a trail bike. It will assist you in easily clearing the tough terrain like a pro.

Trail bikes are also one of the sought-after variants of mountain bikes that are perfectly suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

A trail bike may be suitable for all types of riders but there are a few factors that need to be considered when choosing a trail bike. This article will explain the major heads that need to be jotted down while you are buying a trail bike.

Things To Consider When Buying A Trail Bike

  1. Suspension

120 – 160 mm is the ideal suspension number for a trail bike. The right suspension comes with the perfect air pressure and sags on the tires. It is mandatory to check for these two factors to achieve the right suspension before the ride. A trail bike is usually constructed to offer the above-mentioned numbers to the riders. If you are riding downhill, a full suspension is a perfect choice as it will offer the needed push.

  1. Handlebars

The perfect bars are mandatory to elevate your ride and push you for a long run. Alloy or carbon is the most widely used form of material for a trail bike. These materials are light and durable. The next element is the rise of the handlebar. The bar has to be measured from the center to the end to get the right numbers. Position the bars with the highest rise if you are choosing to ride steep terrains. A medium-rise will benefit you in tough terrains.

  1. Braking system

Trail bikes are fitted with disc brakes to help the rider in controlling the bike on terrains and downhill rides. A disc brake is loved by trail bike riders as it offers a greater clearance and they are reliable in all types of weather conditions. Muddy roads and clumsy waters after rain cannot affect the ride as the disc brakes are highly capable of powerful braking.

  1. Size

The size of the trail bike is mandatory. The right-sized bike will assist you to pass up hills, forests, and terrains without any hardships. The clearance must be perfect for you to ride without any discomfort. When choosing a trail bike, ensure that the bike saddle is of the right reach from the handlebars. This will give you the right position and make the bike the right fit for you.

  1. Gears

It is important to understand the gearing system of trail bikes. Consider investing in a trail bike that has a lot of lower gears. Low gears will assist you in climbing the hills easily.

Gears also allow you to push to the maximum speed thus making the ride effective. 18 is the preferred number for gears when it comes to trail bikes, as a lot of gear changing happens on a trail ride.

  1. Wheels

29”  is the ideal wheel size for trail bikes. The rims of trail bikes are made of aluminum to offer maximum durability and strength while riding on terrains. They are also light to ease the ride. The spokes and the rim offer for improved traction to ride the terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are trail bikes expensive?

You can own a trail bike for $500. If you are looking for a trail bike with advanced features to hit the hardest roads, you can buy them at a cost of $1000-$3000.

Can I explore all types of trails with a trail bike?

While some mountain bikes are suitable for specific rides only, a trail bike is one of the ideal options for uphill, downhill, terrains, and unpaved roads. All challenges can be overcome with trail bikes. Whichever bike you explore, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun.

Are trail bikes suitable for beginners?

Yes. Trail bikes can also be ridden by beginners. All you need to do is learn the basics of terrain riding and understand the techniques and features of the bike.


Trail bikes are comparatively the best option for beginners and experts. They are the top preferred variant among mountain bikes. They are perfect for all types of rides on mountains. Trail bikes can seamlessly clear all challenging terrain and can offer the best riding experience.

Ensure to consider the above-mentioned factors before choosing a trail bike. Apart from these, it is highly recommended to take a list of your personal preferences to buy the well-suited bike.