How to Keep Pets Comfortable When Guests are Coming

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Navigating a social gathering as a pet parent can be very difficult. Between allergies, young children, and trying to keep guests comfortable, a pet owner may need to find temporary accommodation for their pet until the visit is over. If you have a social event coming up, and you’re the one hosting, read on to see how pet pens, like those offered by Clearly Loved Pets (, can make your gathering a success.

Taking Your Pet’s Energy Levels Into Account

Many pets, especially puppies and kittens, can have high levels of energy that may disrupt guests, or even startle any young children that may have been brought by their parents. If you’re hosting a dinner party or other social gathering in your home, remember to take a hard look at all of your pets’ energy levels, and whether or not they’ll be able to handle all the commotion and activity. If your pet is the type to jump on guests, it may be time to consider a pet pen for them.

Finding the Right Pen For Your Pet

If you’ve decided that a pet pen is the right way to go, the next step is to carefully assess your pet’s needs. Their size will be a big deciding factor in what type of pen you get. It’s important to find a pen that contains your pet, while also leaving them enough space to move around, play with toys, and sleep comfortably until all your guests have left.

Finding the Right Location For Your Pet Pen

Once you’ve decided on a pet pen, the final step is figuring out where the pen is going to go. While many homes may have a large living room or dining room where a pen can fit comfortably, some homes do not. Take measurements of each room in your home, compare them against the dimensions of the pet pen you plan on getting, and see where the pen can fit best.


A pet pen can be a useful purchase for whenever you want to have a large gathering at your home. Pens keep your pet safe and protected from guests of all ages while keeping your guests comfortable throughout the evening. In addition, once you have a pet pen, you can continue to host more events with confidence, knowing that you have all the tools necessary to keep everyone comfortable.

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