How to Talk to Your Stylist Effectively About Your Haircut Vision

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Stylists are not mind readers, so sharing your vision can help them bring that vision to life. Visual reticences are a great way to bridge the gap between what you imagine and what they see, whether it’s pictures, saved TikTok videos or Pinterest boards. Using clear language can also help reduce the likelihood of miscommunication. Ask them to clarify if you are unsure about something your stylist says.

Bring a Picture

If you have a specific haircut you envision, try to find a picture and bring it with you. This will allow your stylist at a beauty salon in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, to see what you’re discussing and avoid confusion. Using descriptive words to explain your vision is a great idea. Still, a picture can help bridge the gap between what you want and what your stylist imagines when she hears you describe it. A photo will also give your stylist a better sense of your desired length if you still need to specify it. Just be sure to bring photos representative of your hair texture and density. You don’t want to bring in a picture of someone with thick, long hair when you have thin, fine strands. A good stylist can work around this, but bringing in more realistic inspiration is always best.

Talk About Your Lifestyle

A haircut is a big part of how you look, so you must be able to communicate what you want effectively. Visual references are a great tool to help bridge the gap between what you envision and what your hair can do, but it’s equally as important to talk about your lifestyle and how a new style will fit into your daily routine. Taking the time to ask clients about their family, work, or upcoming events, like weddings, can help flow the conversation. However, be careful not to get too personal, especially if a client seems uncomfortable or is not in the mood for chatter. Avoid vague adjectives, like “longer” or “shorter,” when talking about your desired length, and be sure to provide specifics regarding layers, bangs, etc. This helps ensure that the stylist is on the same page as you. It also makes it easier to make adjustments if necessary.

Ask Questions

Whether you save digital images in a folder or bring clippings to your appointment, asking your stylist questions about the inspiration you have brought with you can help clarify and guide your salon visit. It allows your stylist to understand better what specific elements you want, such as if you wish to 2 on the sides and an inch off the top rather than just short. Asking your stylist to explain terms or techniques you don’t fully understand can also help with effective communication. Stylists are more than willing to answer your questions and will be pleased that you are eager to learn! Checking in with your stylist after they have finished a cut is always polite. Be bold and politely point out an area that needs a slight change, such as if they forgot to line the hair up in the back. They will be happy to make any adjustments that you feel necessary!

Don’t Be Silent

Hairstylists love it when clients bring in their images, but you should also verbally communicate what you want during your appointment. Using descriptive words, such as “Leave me with a little more length on the top and an inch off the bottom,” will help you get exactly what you want. Communicating during your appointment will help eliminate miscommunication and give you confidence that your stylist understands your vision. It cannot be easy to convey your wishes verbally, but feel free to ask your stylist if they are on the right track. A good stylist wants clients to leave happy and return to their chairs for future services. It is best to avoid rude conversation habits that can be seen as disrespectful, such as talking about your day or asking how they are doing. These habits are distracting and can hinder your ability to communicate what you want to your stylist effectively.