Preparing For Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

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Spending hours shaving or waxing unwanted hair that will eventually grow back is something nobody wants to do. Laser treatment is a fast, safe, and effective way to remove those unwanted hairs permanently.

However, before you start treatment, you should know a few things. This article will explain the laser hair removal process and what to expect.


Spending a few sessions on laser hair removal could save you the cost of razors, shaving cream, and time. But before you book your first appointment, there are a few guidelines.

Avoid plucking or waxing the area before your session, as this can disrupt the hair follicle. Also, it’s best to skip sun exposure or tanning beds in the weeks leading up to your treatment.

Not only can the sun irritate the skin, but it can also reduce the effectiveness of the laser. If you must go out, make sure to use a powerful sunscreen. Also, it’s best to stay out of the sun after treatments to prevent dark spots and blisters. Staying out of the sun will also help to speed up your recovery. Avoid rubbing, itching, or picking at the treated area, which can cause redness and irritation. It can take a few months for the skin to heal completely. If you want more radiant and regenerated skin, consider the Morpheus8 in Memphis Tennessee.


Before you book your first laser hair removal session, finding out if the technician you want to work with has a license and certification is necessary. It’s also essential to find out what type of machine they use.

During the consultation phase, you’ll discuss what areas of your body need to be treated and how many treatments you think will be required. It would help if you also informed your technician about any medications you are taking, especially antibiotics and retinol because these can make your skin more sensitive to laser treatment.

It would help if you shaved the area you’ll be having treated 24 hours before your appointment. This will help to ensure that the laser’s energy can locate the hair follicle and prevent burns or skin damage. It’s also essential to avoid plucking or waxing the area for a few weeks before your appointment because it can confuse the laser’s ability to target the pigment in the hair follicle.


During the laser treatment, existing hair is eliminated from the skin using a beam of light guided over the target area. The process is rapid and relatively painless. Some clients prefer to use a topical anesthetic for additional comfort.

After the laser treatment, you can expect to experience some redness and swelling. This is normal and will go away within a few hours. You can soothe the area with aloe vera and other topical cooling creams to help reduce discomfort.

You must avoid sun exposure before and after your laser treatment session. This includes tanning beds. You must also stop using all skincare products containing retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide.

Shaving is the best way to prepare for your appointment, as this will allow the laser to target the root of the hair rather than the surface. You must also avoid hair removal methods that pluck or pull the hair out, such as waxing and tweezing.


Aftercare is essential to laser hair removal and must ensure the best results possible. For example, you must avoid bleaching the skin where you want it treated because it can alter the pigment. The skin should also be kept out of the sun for weeks before your appointment, and you’ll need to apply sunscreen daily.

Laser treatment should never be performed on sunburned skin because it can cause severe pain and blisters. It’s also essential to limit plucking, waxing, and electrolysis in the area for four weeks before your appointment since these methods disrupt the hair follicle and can affect the results of laser treatment.

It would help if you also informed your laser technician of any medications you’re taking, as some can make your skin sensitive to treatment and increase the risk of side effects. This information will help your laser professional design the best treatment for your needs.