Kid’s Birthday Party Hacks: How to Save Big and Still Make Memories

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Organising your child’s birthday celebration is one of the most important responsibilities you’ll have as a parent on an annual basis. Celebrating a child’s birthday holds significant importance in shaping their mindset, as substantiated by the information presented in this article. This occasion signifies another milestone in their growth and commemorating it together generates precious memories that will endure throughout their lifetime. You want your little one’s birthday to be special, but the thought of planning an over-the-top party and spending a small fortune in the process gives you heart palpitations. No worries, we’ve got you covered. With a few clever hacks up your sleeve, you can create a fun-filled celebration your child will remember for years to come without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover how to cut costs at every turn and throw an amazing kid’s birthday bash on a budget. By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert in crafting an Instagram-worthy party without paying influencer prices. Get ready to become the hostess with the mostest, mama! Your child’s birthday is about to become a whole lot more affordable.

Choosing a Theme and Making DIY Decorations

Selecting a theme your kid loves is key to an amazing party. Whether they’re into superheroes, princesses, animals or movies, go with what excites them. Then get crafty with DIY decorations using supplies you already have.

Design banners, posters and invites on your computer and print them at home. Get the kids involved in making garlands, lanterns and other hanging decorations out of paper. For the table, use plates, cups and tablecloths in the party colours. All of these touches bring the theme to life without spending a lot.

Homemade Cake and Snacks

Baking the cake and snacks yourself means they can be exactly what the birthday kid wants. Cupcakes always please a crowd and are easy to make and decorate at home. Finger foods like sandwiches, veggies and cheese are kid-friendly, budget-friendly options. Get creative with shapes and toppings to match the theme. Your homemade treats will be a hit and help you avoid an expensive catering bill.

Thrifted or Borrowed Items

Check with family and friends to borrow tables, chairs and any decorations you need. And don’t forget your local charity shops! They’re filled with deals on plates, cups, tablecloths and knickknacks that you can use to bring the theme to life. Reusing and upcycling cuts down on what you have to buy new so you can put more of your budget into the important things – like presents!

Sending Digital Invitations to Save Paper and Money

Sending digital invites is one of the easiest ways to cut costs for a kid’s birthday party. Forget traditional printed invitations – go digital! There are tonnes of free websites and apps for creating and sending stylish invites electronically.

Email invitations

Emailing invitations is a simple, eco-friendly option. Draft an email with all the party details like the theme, location, time, and RSVP info. You can even include an evite or digital invitation as an image in the email for an extra special touch.

Social media invitations

If most of the guests and their parents are on Facebook, create an event and invite people that way. This makes it easy for them to RSVP and for you to keep track of numbers. You can also design invitation images to share on Instagram, Twitter or in a group chat.

Online invitation websites

Websites like Evite, Paperless Post and Punchbowl offer free digital invitation designs that you can customise and send directly to guests. They handle RSVPs, guest lists and reminders for you. Many options mimic traditional paper invites with colourful and whimsical designs.

Sending digital invitations for a kids party is a win-win. You save money on paper, printing and postage costs while also being environmentally friendly. And in today’s digital age, e-vites are convenient and easy for most guests and families. So skip the trip to the party store and get crafting those digital invites! Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

Keeping Kids Entertained With Fun DIY Party Games

To keep a group of excited kids entertained at a birthday party, you’ll need some fun games and activities up your sleeve. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep them happy. There are plenty of DIY party games that will thrill the little ones without breaking the bank.

A classic party favourite, musical chairs, is always a hit and requires no equipment. Just play some upbeat music and remove a chair each round until there’s one left. Whoever sits in the final chair wins! Another option is a scavenger hunt. Hide little treats or small toys around the party area and give the kids a list of things to find. Not only does this keep them occupied, but they get to take home a little party favour at the end.

Get creative with some homemade crafts. Provide materials for the kids to make their own party hats, masks or puppets. Things like cardboard, felt, paint, stickers, and glue are all you need for a fun crafting session. They’ll have a blast being imaginative and will get to take home their creations as a memento of the day.

A DIY photo booth with silly props is sure to lead to giggles galore. Set up a designated photo area with a plain backdrop and camera, then provide hats, glasses, moustaches and other accessories for the kids to pose with. They can take turns being the photographer and models, capturing all the fun moments of the party.

With some classic party games, crafts and a photo booth, you’ll have all the entertainment you need to keep the little partygoers smiling and laughing the whole way through. Best of all, these DIY options won’t break the bank, leaving you with more in your budget for cake and presents! Party on!

Add an Inflatable Slide for Non-Stop Fun

Blow up slide is the perfect way to keep kids entertained for hours at a birthday party. While renting a commercial slide can be pricey, you can find affordable options to bring the thrill of an amusement park right to your backyard.

Look for slides that are specifically designed for home use and kids’ parties. These typically range from 10 to 20 feet high, with a sloped slide surface and safety netting along the sides. You’ll want a slide that can handle the weight limits for the age range of kids at the party. For most elementary-aged kids, a medium-sized slide around 15 feet high is ideal.

Rather than renting, consider purchasing a blow up slide for multi usages while having an option to earn extra cash by renting it out. You can find quality slides for a few hundred dollars that you can use for years to come at birthday parties, BBQs and more. Look for sales and coupons from major retailers to save even more. If storage space is an issue, you can always resell the slide after a few uses to recoup some of your costs.

For maximum fun, set up some activities at the bottom of the slide like a ball pit, kiddie pool filled with plastic balls, or obstacle course. You can find many of these items secondhand or make your own DIY versions. Set up a sprinkler or water slide in the summer for added thrills on a hot day.

Don’t forget safety – always follow the instructions for proper inflation, anchoring and supervision. While the kids are playing, mingle with the other parents, snap some pictures and enjoy watching the kids laugh and slide the day away. An inflatable slide is sure to make for a birthday party your child will never forget!

Providing Tasty Treats Without Breaking the Bank

Providing tasty treats at a kid’s birthday party is essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on expensive catering or gourmet snacks. There are plenty of ways to delight little taste buds without spending a fortune.

Homemade cupcakes

Baking cupcakes at home is an affordable option that allows you to get creative with colours and decorations that match your party theme. Kids will love helping decorate their own cupcakes—set up a cupcake decorating station with frosting, sprinkles, candies and let their imaginations run wild.

DIY snack mix or trail mix

A homemade snack mix with popcorn, pretzels, nuts, and candies is easy to make in big batches and fills up party guests for cheap. Set out scoops or small bags and let the kids mix and match their own combinations.

Fresh fruit

Whole fruits like apples, bananas, oranges and grapes are budget-friendly, kid-friendly options. Slice the fruit into bite-sized pieces and arrange on a platter for easy snacking. Yoghurt or caramel dipping sauce provides an extra special touch.


Homemade or store-bought cookies are always a hit at children’s parties. Sugar cookies or biscuits decorated to match your party theme make great edible decorations and treats.

DIY pizza or tacos

Set up a taco bar, nacho bar or mini pizza station where kids can assemble their own meals. Provide tortillas, toppings, cheese, salsa and let the kids go wild creating their perfect snack. This interactive option will be a highlight of the party and fill up guests for very little cost.

Keeping treats simple but fun is the key to delighting little party guests without overspending. Homemade, hands-on and interactive options are sure to make memories without breaking the bank. Focus on fresh, colourful foods presented in an festive way and the kids are sure to have a blast.

Capturing Precious Memories at the DIY Photo Booth

A DIY photo booth is a fun and memorable party activity that won’t break the bank. Set up a designated area in your home with a plain wall or backdrop and provide a camera or smartphone on a tripod for the kids to take amusing pictures. Create props that match the party theme—such as hats, masks, and playful accessories—using cardboard, coloured paper, and sticks.

Encourage the children to express themselves and let their creativity shine as they strike silly poses. Their imaginative photos will capture precious memories from the celebration to enjoy for years to come. For an extra special touch, set out supplies for the kids to decorate plain picture frames. They can then place their favourite photo booth picture inside the frame to take home as a party favour.

A DIY photo booth offers an enjoyable opportunity for the young guests to create their own party souvenir. It gives them a chance to dress up, act silly and capture photos with friends that they will surely cherish. Most kids adore photo booths, and being able to make their own props and set up the shots themselves makes it even more thrilling for them.

Planning interactive activities and crafts stations around the party theme keeps the children engaged and adds extra delight to the celebration experience. A DIY photo booth checks both of these boxes in an affordable, memorable way. The kids can spend time being imaginative and taking photos with one another, forging happy memories with friends that will last well beyond the party.

For you, a DIY photo booth means precious party moments caught on camera without the high cost of hiring a professional photographer. By providing basic supplies and letting the young guests’ creativity run free, you’ll end up with a collection of joyful photos that capture the spirit of childhood and the delight of friendship. A few simple materials and a touch of imagination can produce party memories to treasure for years to come.