The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Custom Rugs for Your Home

Rugs are a great way to narrate your style and taste. They are also an ideal flooring solution for absorbing noise and protecting hard floors from damage.

However, choosing the right rug is a complex task. Your carpet must fit the space it will be used in perfectly.


Rugs are the quintessential comfort element that makes any room feel warm and cozy. They also offer practical benefits like absorbing noise, protecting hard flooring and providing traction for foot traffic.

Choosing the perfect rug size is key to creating a balanced, cohesive space. Too large rugs can make sense of disconnect between furniture pieces, while too small rugs can throw off the feng shui vibe.

Custom rugs are available in various shapes, sizes and materials to fit any room, style or mood. Aside from the standard round and rectangular styles, you can order custom rugs in ovals, semi-circles, curved shapes and geometric designs such as octagons. In addition, you can choose from various binding options for the edges of your rug. These options include all-over printing, a border and an unbound boundary. All these choices can be customized with your colors, patterns and designs.


A well-designed rug can transform a cold, empty room into a welcoming and comfortable one. It can also add texture to a room and make it more interesting.

When choosing a rug, it is important to consider the material that it is made from and how it will fit into your home’s décor. Many custom rug companies offer cotton, wool, and sisal materials. Each of these different materials has its own unique set of benefits and uses.

For example, cotton rugs are soft and durable. They can also be made in various colors and are easy to clean. However, they are less stable than other options, such as acrylic rugs. Acrylic rugs are resistant to dirt, mildew, moths, and fading. They are ideal for high-traffic areas. Another option is to choose a natural textured rug, such as jute or wool, which can help to bring warmth and a touch of nature into a space.


Rugs are often considered the focal point of a room and have a huge impact on its design and feel. They can take a room from simple to bold or neutral to colorful. There are many ways to customize a rug, from choosing the right color palettes and patterns to ensuring it suits the type of room.

For example, rooms with solid, one-shade furniture would suit a rug with multiple colors and contrasting patterns. The opposite is true, with a rug with many designs contrasting well with rooms with more minimal, neutral decor.

Light shades of blue and green are excellent options to create a peaceful environment. Conversely, richer hues like burgundy or chocolate work well with rooms that want to exude a posh feel. The key is to pick a color that works well with your existing interiors and then choose the rug based on this.


Rugs can be a major element in the overall design of any room. They can add a part of luxury to elevated decor styles, or they can be used to create an eclectic mix of elements in a homey or rustic design style.

One of the most interesting things about creating a custom rug is that you can choose the pattern that best suits your space. You can keep it simple and understated with a neutral or natural color or go all-out in bold colors that enliven the room with punchy panache.

Another aspect of a rug that can be customized is its texture. The tufts of yarn on the surface of a rug are called the pile, and they can either be cut or left uncut. The former is a cut-pile rug and typically has a smooth, sleek finish. The latter, known as a loop-pile rug, has a more textural feel.

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