Workout For Lower Back Pain

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This workout for lower back pain can help relieve tension, tightness and discomfort with lower back pain. We will warm up the area and full body in a dynamic warmup style because I want you to feel your body move as a whole. When we use the lower back muscles with complimentary muscles we can train the body to move functionally.

These are moves that will help us in our every day lives. Fluid, flow in motion helps us immensely when learning how to re-train muscles groups to work in their best way possible!


Bear Hugs
Roll Down

Workout for Lower Back Pain:

Single Leg Twist 10 on Each Leg
Standing Side Crunches with Weights
Single Leg Dead Lift
Mini Squat Reach across and shoulder press
Overhead Tricep Extension
Bent over Rows

Bird Dog Elbow to Knee
Plank into Down dog
Knee In to Leg Lift
Elbow Plank and Rock

Don’t forget to stretch after each workout so your muscles have a chance to de-stress, lengthen and not get too tense from your hard work.

Keep the low back muscles moving and strong along with those complimentary muscles for optimum functionality. Come back to this lower back pain relief workout again and again to keep your back and body moving nicely.

If your back pain exercises at home don’t improve your discomfort seek medical advice. These exercises are great for slight imbalances in muscles only. Working on your body’s strength and conditioning continuously is so important.